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Colossus West is one of three Colossus ensembles performing the music of Dave Chisholm, Mike Conrad, and Levi Saelua.

The original 17-piece Colossus ensemble formed in 2012 in Rochester, NY under the direction of three composers: Dave Chisholm, Mike Conrad, and Levi Saelua. All three founders contributed original music and arrangements, eventually building a substantial book of music unique to the group. Upon Conrad's and Saelua's departures from Rochester, each of the three composers took on the sole direction of his own Colossus ensemble - Chisholm continuing leadership of the original group in New York, Conrad establishing Colossus Central in Iowa, and Saelua forming Colossus West in California. Each ensemble still primarily performs music by all three original composers.


For more information about each composer:

Dave Chisholm

Mike Conrad

Levi Saelua

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